Have you got CHAOS
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Need some REAL help getting your kids to 
clean up their messes
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How to Get Your Kids to Clean Up After Themselves... and Like It!
by Kim Crandall 

In this delightful first volume of Kim Crandall's "Letters from Aunt June" series, you'll discover a gentle, practical, proven method of getting your children on your side and gaining control of clutter and cleaning issues with your kids.  Written from a distinctly Biblical perspective, "How to Get Your Kids to Clean Up After Themselves... and Like It!" helps you overcome the chaos on the homefront, and points you to a path of peace and order in your home! (PDF ebook, 42 pages + Four Bonus Reports)

"...Charming, gentle and extremely motivating
If you battle with your children about picking up after themselves, cleaning their room or doing their chores and are ready to throw up your hands in defeat, take a deep breath, find a quiet place and read this fast-paced book. You'll find your answers within." - Terri Johnson, Knowledge Quest Maps

* * * * *

"Captivated from the very first paragraph, I couldn't put this book down.
The easy-to-implement suggestions were both simple yet profound as they outlined a strategy that can bring order to chaos in the home. Didn't want this one to end! - Valerie Pope

* * * * *

"I wish I had this book 30 years ago!"
"What a gem of a format for teaching basic skills: letters mailed back and forth between niece and aunt!  This book neither talks down nor overwhelms, has a positive, Bible-based, God-honoring perspective, and a very encouraging "you-can-do-it" tone all the way through.  Full of practical advice broken into manageable steps.  I wish I had this book 30 years ago!" - James Dunlap, LightHome Publications

In this PDF ebook, you'll learn:

Why Picking Up is Good for Everyone - and how to get that point across to your kids

How Not to Drive a Wedge between You and Your Children

The Two Most Important Ground Rules

How to Establish Your Routines

Preparing to Hand Off Responsibility

The 5 Step, No-Fail Teaching Method

How to Wisely Handle Chores, Rewards & Consequences

The Value of Preparing Your Children when the Unexpected Happens

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kim Crandall is an experienced homeschool mom, pastor's wife, teacher and encourager. She lives in Kentucky with her husband Barry. This is the first volume of her "Letters from Aunt June" series, sharing practical Biblical wisdom and homemaking skills for today's families.

Read what other people are saying about 
these Letters from Aunt June:

"I have never enjoyed any as much as I did this one"

I sat down this morning thinking I would take a quick look at the book.  I popped the kids favorite show in for them to watch and grabbed a cup of coffee.  Well I just finished reading literally the entire book.  It was a good thing the kids liked the program they were watching because I was very into reading.  Wow, what a great little gem Kim Crandall has written.  The letters written from Aunt June were great.  I have 5 daughters ages 12, 6, 5, 3, and 1.  I have realized recently that I did not do a good job at training my older children in helping out around the house.  This book has given me hope.  It even gave me ideas in talking to my oldest daughter about what is now expected of her. It also gave me great ideas for starting the training with my little ones.  One great idea that I will be using is the silent butler.  I liked the scriptures that were mentioned as well, these will make some great memory verses as we work through this.

I love the idea that I can take these letters and read them step by step through the process of changing our household around.  The letters are so nicely written I felt like I had an Aunt June!  I have read other books similar in topic to this but I have never enjoyed any as much as I did this one.  Thank you so much for letting me take a sneak peak, this is a winner! - Dawn Spurgeon, Mother in Training

* * * * *

"...Wonderful – I wish I had an aunt like this!" - Melanie H.

* * * * *

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Using fiction as a backdrop to the factual information, Kim Crandall not only hits her mark but scores a perfect 10! In short specific chapters she entertains in short letters from Aunt June to her harried niece. With love, and an abundance of grace and encouragement, Aunt June slowly and sequentially works her niece through the steps to attaining a well run, peaceful home with a good measure of Scripture references and without condemnation! 

If you only plan on purchasing one book on child training this is the one to buy!  This is one of those must haves and I'd buy them for every young lady expecting a child. Highly recommended.
- Felice Gerwitz, Author/Publisher Media Angels, Inc.

* * * * *

This book's wisdom is so charmingly written that I feel 
I'm intruding on a personal journal!  

The information is so lovingly and practically shared that any young or experienced mom can ENJOY going back and reading this little book for the step by step instructions. ... I know it's something I'll be using....and not in the too distant future.   Our girls are pretty good about doing when told, but the creativity to the approach sets this apart and can change the chore to less of a bore! - Darla Lucero

* * * * *

"Clean up? I'll do it, but I'll never like it!" 

As I was  penning my review for this book, my 13 year-old looked over my shoulder at the title and said, "Clean up? I'll do it, but I'll never like it!" Whether spoken or unspoken, that seems to be the consensus in our busy homeschooling family of 10. My biggest frustration is that my children will always do what they are asked as far as keeping up with the messes they make--but I do so wish that they would  take greater responsibility for keeping things clean on their own! As such, I particularly appreciated the section, "Prepare to Hand Off Responsibility."

I found myself nodding my head in agreement over and over as I read these engaging letters. If you don't have a Titus 2 mentor in your life, you will most certainly benefit from this wealth of wisdom as shared from the perspective of an older Aunt reaching out to help her struggling young niece. I appreciated the distinctly Christian perspective and the reminder that "God is to be glorified in the small things as well as the big."
- Cindy Carrier, Values Driven Family

* * * * *

Simple, Sensible and sweet...

"Are you desperate to conquer clutter, chaos, and conflict? Do you dream of competent, cooperative children who do their chores? Read How to Get Your Kids to Clean Up After Themselves. It outlines a creative approach that honors biblical principles—and offers many wise, some painless, and even a few playful suggestions. Warmly written, Aunt June’s advice is simple, sensible, and sweet." - Stacy Farrell, creator of Philosophy Adventure, homeschooladventure.com

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