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The Great Gildersleeve’s 4th of July & A Bunch of Announcements!

Friday, June 29th, 2007

Hi folks,

We are so glad to have you visiting this site and hope you are enjoying the videos we present here. As of today, we have over 125 great videos archived here for your enjoyment, so there’s plenty to do and see as you go back through these pages.

We’re going to take a break from posting new videos this next week, with the 4th of July activities and all, so we hope you have a safe, wonderful holiday time with your family. We’ll be back on Monday, July 9th with lots more fun and educational stuff.

A couple more announcements:

If you haven’t signed up to be on our mailing list, let me encourage you to do so now, as we will be sending out an important announcement about something you absolutely won’t want to miss next Thursday, July 5th. Here’s our sign up form for you:


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Also, we have a special AUDIO treat for you today. This is one of our favorite radio shows ever, The Great Gildersleeve’s Fourth of July program from way back in 1948. Boy, wouldn’t it be great to have a 4th of July like this? This is a warm, funny, patriotic and nostalgic look at this holiday as it no longer exists today. You’ll love it. Download and enjoy with your family, then post here and let us know what you think of it. Meanwhile, we’ll see you over at our sister site, homeschoolradioshows… or right back here on July 9th!

To Listen to The Great Gildersleeve, RIGHT CLICK HERE AND “SAVE AS” to your computer (or to listen to it streaming on your computer, just regularly click the link)

Best Wishes,
The Erskines

Audio: Big Jon & Sparky and the E-I-O Song!

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Okay, as long as we brought you the Three Stooges’ Swinging the Alphabet song today, here’s another classic “educational alphabet song”. This one, a favorite of many of our long time listeners at, is the “E I O Song”, as performed by Big Jon & Sparky and assorted other characters from their classic radio program.

Remember now, this is an mp3 audio file, NOT a video. So…

To play it streaming to your computer, click here.

To download it to your computer and play it later, RIGHT CLICK the above link, and “save as” to the directory of your choice.

…and don’t fuss at us if your kids sing this over and over and over and drive you crazy!

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