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Christian 36 Hour Competition

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Here’s a great collection of entries from’s 36 Hour Competition, which was held April 10th and 11th. Each filmmaker had 36 hours to produce a 3 minute film, which had to include some specific elements (dialogue, settings, props - for example, the $100 bill and/or the phrase “I fogive you” you’ll find in many of these) to ensure that they actually had been created in that 36 hour period. The results were loads of fun - stories that cover a wide variety genres and subject matter, skillfully told by young filmmakers in neat little bite sized videos.

We’ve put together this page without regard to the actual winners of the competition… it is just a representative sample of videos we enjoyed. If you like these, we suggest that you seek out the other entries from the contest. They are all worth seeing.

You can see the complete collection of all 60+ entries at Christian (A mild parental caution: If you watch the films on that page, be aware that there are a few with some PG style violence. Parents of little ones might want to preview some of the videos first.)

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