Videos Not Working for You? Here are some Troubleshooting Tips


…then you probably do not have “flash” enabled on your computer system. Here is a link to a YouTube page that explains how to enable (and if necessary, update) your flash player to allow you to watch these videos.

IF YOU ARE WATCHING ON A SLOW CONNECTION and the videos start and stop…

These are streaming videos, meaning they are NOT downloading to your computer, but once you click on it, it is being streamed to your computer, in real time, directly from the site which hosts it (we are primarily linking to Google Video & YouTube). If you have a slow connection, these may not work well. You have to click on the “play” button on or below each video before it will start playing/streaming. Sometimes, it get “glitchy” and will start and stop due to the traffic on the web, the speed of your connection, etc. So here’s what we would suggest… if you want to watch one of these videos and it starts and stops on you, click on it to start the streaming… then click the play/pause arrow at the bottom of the video. This will “pause” the video, but the streaming will continue. Go on and read the rest of this page, look at your email, or whatever for a few minutes. Then, when you come back to it and click to play it again, the video will have already streamed enough of the file to your computer so that you’ll be able to watch this without the pauses and glitches.

If it doesn’t work for you, don’t write us asking for help other than this, as we can do nothing about it… these are direct links to the videos as they are hosted on the major video sharing sites.

– The Erskines

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